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22 Sep 2023
Ruth Appeal
Livestock are the lifeblood of Kenya’s pastoralist communities (credit: Jacqueline Mwende)
05 Sep 2023
MAF flies vets to Kenya as climate change takes its toll
In the first ever African Climate Summit held in Nairobi, leaders across the continent are tackling the fallout from increasingly extreme weather. After months of drought followed by a deluge, Kenya alone has lost millions of livestock, which are the lifeblood of isolated farming communities. MAF’s Jacqueline Mwende reports on how MAF has been flying in vets to care for ailing animals (more…)
During her 40-year career, Janice has flown with MAF hundreds of times (credit: Dr Janice Cotrone)
31 Aug 2023
‘He held an M16 rifle right in my back’ – Janice survives Haiti
Dr Janice Cotrone, Dean of the Wesleyan University’s Haiti School of Nursing, was forced to leave Haiti a year ago when gang violence made life in Haiti too dangerous. In MAF UK’s latest podcast episode, the MAF frequent flyer tells Josh Carter how she survived armed robbery and why she depended on MAF for over 30 years (more…)
25 Aug 2023
New podcast Ep.4 – Navigating Haiti
With gang violence on the rise, we hear from pilot Eric Fagerland who’s overseeing MAF operations in Port-Au-Prince, and frequent flyer Dr Janice Cotrone who survived armed robbery.
MAF engineer performing maintenance operations
23 Sep 2023
Explore Day
  Event date: 23 September 2023 (10am - 3pm) Event location: Turweston Flight Centre, Biddlesden Rd, Brackley NN13 5YD Guest speakers: Ed & Kathy Burrows (RAF pilot, and poverty & injustice campaigner) - preparing to serve MAF in Liberia   Might God be calling you to serve overseas? Come and hear about our opportunities in the Africa and Asia Pacific regions for pilots, engineers, maintenance & safety experts, technical services staff,  teachers to name just some... Discover more at our 'Explore Day' -  register now   Come and hear why Ed & Kathy Burrows – a couple from Lincolnshire – are giving up a stable RAF career for an adventure with MAF relocating to Liberia, West Africa, in 2024 with their two young children...   As an RAF pilot Ed has flown fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters for more than 15 years, including deployments in Afghanistan, and the Falkland’s. More recently, Ed has been training young RAF recruits to raise up the next generation of pilots. Kathy has always had a passion for tackling poverty and injustice, which led her to work for various charites including Tearfund and Christians Against Poverty, and travel extensively across the world. Hear them share their thoughts as they prepare for a career change and move to Liberia... Ed: “I’m really looking forward to a different challenge, especially new flying conditions that I’ve never experienced before and pioneering into unchartered, remote areas where there are literally no roads. It will be a big responsibility, but it feels now is the time to go and embrace this new adventure. MAF is definitely a really exciting organisation to be a part of.” Kathy: “I love that MAF enables other organisations to transform lives. I’ve seen how MAF increases the impact of charities, and I really want our kids to experience what life is like outside of the UK and how privileged we are here.” Register now     Come and hear moving stories from MAF staff and explore how serving overseas with MAF would enable you to have a life-changing impact on some of the most isolated and vulnerable communities in the world.   Come along to ask your questions and learn more about; How do I discover God's plan for my life? What its really like to serve God overseas? How do I best prepare for the cross-cultural challenges? What training and support does MAF provide?   At MAF, we believe nothing should stop people from receiving the love of God and the essentials of life – no matter how remote they are. Our vision is 'to see isolated people changed by the love of Christ.' We use aviation and technology, because in many places those are the only ways to reach isolated people in need.   Register now   Please register below, for catering reasons. We would love for you to pass this on to anyone you know who could be interested! If you have any queries or questions, please email us at We hope to see you there!
Thousands of refugees have inadequate shelter outside of Renk’s main transit centre (credit: Nasir Ghafoor/MSF)
19 Aug 2023
Sudan crisis – MAF clocks up 100 flight hours to relieve Renk
Since Sudan’s conflict erupted four months ago, MAF has undertaken more than 33 flights carrying nearly 200 passengers and over 26 tonnes of cargo in aid of relief efforts. MAF’s been supporting Renk’s transit camps in neighbouring South Sudan, which are overwhelmed by the influx of refugees. MAF’s Jenny Davies brings us the latest (more…)
MAF pilot Jonathan Pound relocates refugees from Renk (credit: Jonathan Pound)
15 Jul 2023
Sudan crisis – MAF steps up disaster response
As thousands of people continue to pour into neighbouring South Sudan to escape Sudan’s conflict, MAF is stepping up its response to support them. Since 19 June, MAF has been relocating the most vulnerable refugees from Renk’s transit camps and delivering much needed medical supplies and food aid. MAF’s Jenny Davies reports (more…)
06 Jul 2023
‘Relief’ Appeal
Hundreds of pads for rural PNG women are made at the Cairns Days for Girls centre (credit: Mandy Glass)
06 Jul 2023
Period poverty in PNG – MAF delivers pads to isolated women and girls
For most Western women, periods are just a monthly endurance managed with a range of hygiene products – a normal part of life. But for girls living in remote PNG, affordable sanitary protection is rare, and menstruation often leads to ostracism and a risk of infection. MAF’s Mandy Glass reveals how MAF is changing lives one pad at a time (more…)
12-year-old Ruth was medevacked by MAF after she was shot (Credit: Landen Kelly)
03 Jul 2023
‘While I was playing, they shot me’ – Ruth survives tribal violence in PNG
Ruth was innocently playing with her friends outside in the remote village of Yenkisa in Papua New Guinea’s Highlands, when a member of a rival tribe randomly shot her through the perimeter fence and nearly killed her. Thanks to MAF’s medevac to hospital where she received lifesaving surgery, Ruth is alive to share her story (more…)
22 Jun 2023
Uganda Hunger Appeal