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Our MAF Youth speakers aim to bring the adventures and challenges of the mission field to life through an exciting and interactive session!

Every MAF Youth session will explore:

MAF’s ministry.
Since 1945, we’ve been flying across deserts, jungles and mountains, carrying life-saving cargo, medics, pastors and injured passengers – enabling access to the most isolated communities worldwide.
What it’s like to experience isolation.
No internet (it takes a while for teens to fathom that one!), no healthcare, no supermarkets, no roads – this is the reality for millions of people.
The 1,400 organisations MAF flies
and the amazing work we do together. Our partners include Oxfam, Save The Children, CAFOD, BBC, plus loads more!
The weird and wonderful life-saving cargo we fly.
From 15,000 baby chicks, glass eyeballs and crocodiles to a young boy bitten by a poisonous snake!

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