Imagine the relief!

Please make a gift today.

Imagine seeing your newborn baby’s cleft palate for the first time.            
Imagine not knowing that there was treatment for it.
Imagine the shock and uncertainty.
Imagine the worry and fear for your child’s health.
Imagine hearing people say that your daughter looked like a pig.
Imagine the judgement and resentment.
Imagine the guilt that maybe this was because of you.
Imagine the blame from others that this was your fault.
Imagine the news that a mobile clinic was moving near to your home.
Imagine hearing the explanation for your daughter’s cleft lip and palate.
Imagine being told that it could be treated by a medical professional.


Imagine the relief!


Imagine the offer of an MAF flight to a hospital for the operation.
Imagine flying for 3 hours instead of having to walk for 10 hours.
Imagine the joy of seeing your daughter come out of surgery.
Imagine the gratefulness for everyone’s help to erase the mockery that your daughter would have experienced.

Do you think it’s fair that families with a child who has a disability still feel they must hide their child away to stop them from being bullied?


In the UK, children born with a cleft lip or palate have a care plan from birth to when they are 15 years old.

Tailored to their individual needs, the plan includes feeding assistance, support for parents, hearing tests, paediatric assessment, speech assessment, facial surgery and dental reconstruction.

The experience of Christine and her 11-month-old baby Bella in Lodwar, a remote part of Kenya, was a very different story until MAF stepped in.

MAF Pilot Daniel Loewen-Rudgers flew a medical team from Nairobi to Lodwar where Christine could attend a mobile clinic with Bella.

At the clinic, Dr Federico assured Christine she was not alone in her struggle and that her daughter’s condition could be treated.

YOU can make such a difference. Please help end the struggles of families like Bella’s.

‘Every step we take to lift a child up is a step towards a world where differences are celebrated,’ says Dr Federico, ‘and every heart is made whole again.’

Please PRAY for MAF that it can continue giving children like Bella the medical care they need.

You can also help today by GIVING money, otherwise children like Bella will remain hidden and disfigured for the rest of their lives.

Please make a gift so that many more beautiful children like Bella can receive treatment.


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