‘When the bullet went inside me, I felt severe pain.’

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‘I didn’t know about the fighting,’
says 12-year-old Ruth.

‘I just came out and was playing with the other kids in the sunshine like we always do.’

I did not know that the enemy had come to attack us.

While I was still playing and unaware, they came and shot me. The bullet went into me and I lost consciousness. They carried my unconscious body to the health centre.

When the doctors called MAF, they came and got me and I went to Kompiam.

I thought that I had died. But – while I was in the hospital – slowly my heart awoke. God gave me life, and I awoke! I slowly got better and the plane brought me home.

But, since being home, I’m not bitter with them for shooting me. God saved me, and I have forgiven them.


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