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For over 75 years MAF has been bringing help, hope and healing to the remote communities of the world. Pilots, engineers, managers, IT technicians, teachers, administrators and many other professionals have come together to bring transformation to remote communities.

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We are currently looking for experienced pilots who have an International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) based Commercial Pilot Licence with an instrument rating and Class 1 medical certificate. This is the minimum licensing requirement for all pilot positions.

In addition to this, you must already possess a minimum number of flight hours, with a portion of these as a Pilot in Command (PIC). Finally all Pilots must pass the MAF capability and Psychological assessments.

We know this is lot to ask, but we want team members who can thrive not just survive and that is why we look for this unique blend of skills and qualities.

Pilot flying time requirements

< 500 hours
Flight time

While we are not currently recruiting pilots with fewer than 500 hours we are still keen to hear from you. Please still get in touch with us and let us know about your flying to date.

500+ hours
Flight time

This includes 300 PIC hours and 10 hours night flying. Pilots with this level of experience typically serve in locations such as South Sudan, Uganda, PNG.

1000+ hours
Flight time

This includes 500 PIC hours and 10 hours night flying. Pilots with this level of experience can serve in many locations. Please see our latest vacancies.

2000+ hours
Flight time

This includes 1500 PIC hours, plus 10 hours night flying. Pilots with this level of experience can serve in many locations and can be considered for floatplane flying.


If you are looking to be an avionics engineer, we will also require evidence of two years’ experience together with a licence for this specialism.

For a Chief Engineer we would like to see a broad licence coverage, appropriate to the aircraft MAF operate. Ideally a minimum of five years maintenance experience and a genuine desire to lead and develop local staff. The experience can have been gained on turbine or piston engine aircraft.

There are other crucial attributes we are looking for in order to join the MAF family. The desire to be a part of a close-knit team. A willingness to show initiative and to be proactive in your approach to your maintenance, repair and certification taskings. We would like a great communicator who will forge strong relationships with colleagues, customers and partners. Problem solving will come naturally to you and you are a stickler for accuracy. You will be comfortable with completing all manner of documentation, which is as crucial for the aviation industry as your practical skills. MAF prides itself on its quality, safety and hazard reporting management systems. You will be a main player in seeking opportunities for continual improvement in these areas.

Christian spiritual maturity is essential for mission service with MAF. Not only will you be able to promote our values, raising prayer and financial support, but you will participate in prayer and biblical reflection within the team and the wider community as appropriate.


The MAF team is also made up of a range of skilled staff carrying out ground based operational, management and support roles in overseas bases.

The successful candidate will have excellent written and spoken English, demonstrated ability of successful leadership and/or management in their area of speciality, preferably of a multi-cultural team and experience of working in a developing country. In most cases this person will support the effective performance, physical and spiritual wellbeing of staff and develop partnerships with service users.

IT Technicians

A successful candidate will be degree qualified, be able to demonstrate solid experience in the IT sector, possess good customer service skills and ideally have experience working in a cross cultural developing country.

MAF International also regularly has short term IT roles available. These roles can be for specific projects, to cover for IT staff away on home assignment, or to fill staffing gaps whilst replacement permanent staff are recruited.

Essential skills and/or experience for these roles are:

Windows server management
Network management
Desktop management and troubleshooting
Microsoft Office
Good customer service
Living overseas (desirable, not required)
Working in a distributed team (desirable, not required)

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