Because mosquitos aren’t the only ones who fly.
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More than 600,000 people die globally from malaria ever year.

Over 75% of these are children under five.

Children from the poorest households are 50% less likely to receive care, because access is one of the biggest barriers to survival.

MAF is joining the fight against malaria in more than 25 low-income countries across the world.

Flying cargo including medication, mosquito nets, healthcare providers, medical researchers, and rapid-test malaria kits, MAF is providing vital access to lifesaving care for communities living beyond the reach of mainstream treatment.

Partner with MAF today and help combat diseases, including malaria, in the most isolated places on earth.

Because mosquitoes aren’t the only ones who fly.

‘Malaria – it’s dangerous, it kills about 70% of people across Papua New Guinea.’

Jerry Rangel, Rotarians Against Malaria


Every single MAF-malaria flight will help fight the spread of the disease and give more patients a chance to make a full recovery.

Here are a handful of inspiring stories from the communities we serve, which demonstrate both the devastating harm malaria can cause, and the human resilliance which can fight against it.

Malaria stories

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