‘I felt cramping in my belly’

Please make a gift today.

His first Christmas

Back in the summer, 17-year-old mum-to-be Eliazefa developed complications late in her pregnancy. ‘I felt cramping in my belly,’ she recalls.

‘My husband took me to the clinic to check up on our baby’s condition. The nurses decided that I must be transferred to the national hospital.’

‘I was frightened about my baby’s condition. But, when I heard that MAF’s plane was coming to evacuate us, I felt like there was hope for saving mine and my baby’s lives.’

Praise God that MAF Pilot Ping Domtta was on hand to do what he does best! Our brilliant airman reduced a 3-hour journey on choppy seas to less than 30 minutes in the calm skies between the family’s home in Atauro Island and Dili, capital of Timor-Leste.

Eliazefa gave birth to little Hajam at the national hospital.


Your gift this Christmas will ultimately be the perfect present for someone who will soon need an MAF aircraft to get them through a crisis. 

We wish you peace and joy this Christmas!