As the UNHCR faces a 61% funding gap, refugees fleeing from conflict into Uganda, now also face a life-threatening food shortage…


In response, MAF Uganda flights are enabling life-saving ‘grow your own food’ projects and vital trauma treatment.



It’s a daily struggle to put enough food on the table for refugees like…

MAF flights enable partner organisation ACROSS to provide:

Life-saving agricultural 'grow your own' projects
Desperately needed trauma treatment
Vital child protection
Future hope through education

It is these projects – for example, where survivors can grow their own food – that are now vital if their children are to have a future.

‘It was both moving and shocking to meet the South Sudanese refugees who, in addition to fleeing war in South Sudan, are now living with a food shortage…’

Peter Hedelund, MAF Denmark

If you make a gift today to keep MAF flying partners like ACROSS to refugee settlements, your donation will be DOUBLED thanks to other generous supporters.

Thank you for your immense kindness in bringing people help, hope and healing… one flight at a time.

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