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It is early spring.

A man is taking a short cut home to his family, after shopping for flour. His stroll takes him along the riverbank.

Suddenly, he is set upon by men armed with knives who take his shopping, his phone and his money before stabbing him three times.

He is left for dead, shouting desperately for help.

You won’t read this news story in your newspaper or see it on your television. It happened in remote Papua New Guinea (PNG)… invisible to the world’s ‘media’.

Had this atrocious act happened here, an ambulance would have been mere minutes away. In remote PNG, the wounded man was just minutes from death.

Amazingly, a Baptist pastor happened to be walking along the riverbank. When he saw the dying man he phoned immediately for help.

MAF flew to the rescue. Because of the MAF family, that man is alive.

His name is John and his message to you is this:

‘I was a dead man, but you saved my life’

STOP PRESS: situation dire in Papua New Guinea

A critical shortage of aviation fuel there has led to it skyrocketing in price.

MAF Papua New Guinea (PNG) is our single largest programme.

More people in PNG depend upon the lifeline we provide than in any other country… people like John.

Please pray for a miracle.
Pray that we can afford enough fuel to keep our pilots flying for life

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