Just before you leave Madagascar

and take off for your next destination…

Find out how you can help sow seeds for the gospel!

MAF’s unique MAMAFY project is putting Jesus’ Great Commission – found in Matthew 28:18 – into action.

MAMAFY means ‘to sow’ – and these heavily subsidised flights make it possible for pastors, evangelists and short-term ministry teams to fly to remote villages and sow seeds of God’s love among those who would otherwise remain unreached.

Evangelist Jose RakotomalalaEvangelist Jose Rakotomalala has been on several MAF flights supported by the MAMAFY programme, which saves him 7-10 days by road from the capital to Bekodoka and for the same price as a taxi-brousse.

‘Because of MAF’s service, I can take the love of Christ to remote places. I am very grateful.’ 

Together we can make sure that God’s love, hope and healing reach the most isolated places and touch those in greatest need. Please give a gift today to help change lives.

How can I help?

Saying goodbye

People and places often have incredibly long names in Madagascar, and even some everyday words are quite a challenge! Why not try out a few of these Malagasy phrases as you leave.

Misaotra = Thank you
nahafinaritra ahy ny fitsidihako = I enjoyed my visit
Fitahiana ho anao = Blessings to you
Amin’ny manaraka indray = Until next time
Veloma = Goodbye


Picture of a green shoot " 'For as the spoil makes the sprout come up and a garden causes seeds to grow, so the Sovereign Lord will make righteousness and praise spring up before all nations.' Isaiah 61:11"

As you step back on the plane, may you be reminded of the exciting seeds that are being sown through MAF. This is just one of the many ways our flights are transforming lives in Madagascar and around the world.

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Thank you for visiting Madagascar.  We hope you enjoyed your visit to this beautiful island!

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