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Take a look at how MAF is helping to serve the people of Madagascar

Behind its stunning coastlines, mighty baobab trees and dramatic forested mountain ranges, Madagascar hides some of the most deeply complex needs. 

Here are a few of the unique flights MAF can offer you to reveal some of these extraordinary challenges, and offer inspiring, sustainable solutions.


Ladies on a bench

Join a medical safari - MAF flight location: Medical clinic, Andabotoka

MAF has been organising Madagascar Medical Safaris (MMS) to some of the most remote villages for more than ten years.

A typical safari lasts five to ten days. MAF transports medical teams who see hundreds of patients in bush villages like Andabotoka, performing several operations in temporary clinics.

In the last decade alone, more than 30,000 patients have been examined and hundreds of operations have been performed thanks to this vital service. Many villagers have also heard the Good News.

What’s more inspiring is that MMS team members are mainly Malagasy professionals who volunteer their free time in between city jobs to treat suffering people in remote areas.

Picture of surgeons with caption " 'I love to go to rural areas and erve as a surgeon. But there's an opportunity to share the gospel too and through our work people's hearts are ready to receive.' - Dr Lee, MMS Surgeon"


Man feeding a Lemur

Breakfast with Lemurs - MAF flight location: Lemur reserve, Berenty

One of your trips to the far south of the island could involve an overnight stay at a lemur reserve in Berenty — a small oasis in the dry, harsh desert environment. 

A trusted hotel provides a restful night’s sleep, and the aircraft can also be stowed safely overnight without fear of vandalism — a rare luxury compared to many dangerous travel routes.

But watch out for these friendly looking lemurs who can become a nuisance when they try to share your breakfast!

Picture of a Lemur in a tree with caption "Many of our flights to the south are for the World Food Programme - and sometimes we fly dignitaries like the US Ambassador. Berenty Reserve is. the closest point to the deeply malnourished south with a decent, safe hotel - but the lemurs are forever trying to steal your food! - Former MAF Pilot Jopsh Plett"


Doctor with a child

See good news in action - MAF flight location: Good News Hospital, Mandriitsara

Mandritsara, a 90-minute flight from the capital, can take more than 30 hours on dangerous roads. The airstrip is close to the town, and locals are used to pausing daily life to watch an MAF plane land and unload life-saving cargo. 

Dr Adrien has worked in this remote town since the hospital began as a small clinic. Now retired, his distinctive ‘high five’ fist bumps are a reassuring greeting for many children on the ward.

MAF has partnered with the Good News Hospital for over 20 years, flying teams into remote surrounding villages to carry out medical clinics.

Picture of child holding someone's hand with the caption " 'When harvest finishes people come in their hundreds as they can afford to think about their health. They don't waste time on long journeys when they need to make money in the fields. This is dangerous and very sad.' - Peter Judkins, British Nurse, Good News Hospital"

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