A winning team

Meet some of the Malagasy team


MAF’s team in Madagascar is currently made up of 24 Malagasy and 4 international staff members.

From logistics specialists to pilots, mechanics to finance managers and ground operations staff to cleaners, we are proud to bring together many talented people from across the country — and indeed the world — to serve God through MAF in Madagascar.


Haja has always loved planes. From as far back as he can remember, he wanted to be a pilot. But as the eighth of ten siblings in a family who struggled financially living deep in the south of the island, his dream was never fulfilled.

Knowing there was a distinct lack of aviation jobs in Madagascar, Haja was overjoyed to discover MAF in 2002. With aviation engineering training under his belt, he secured a job he absolutely loves. Working alongside aircraft and customers every day at MAF’s busy hangar is a perfect way for him to honour God through his work.

‘I deal with the people — this is work that fits my gifts and I can serve God,’ he says.

‘MAF is very supportive. When I have problems at home, like when my second child was born with health problems, my MAF colleagues were very helpful for us. Working for a Christian organisation — it’s very good for my spiritual growth.

‘Passengers keep saying to me that they are thankful to MAF because, without us, they would have to take the road. A very good 4×4 truck can make some journeys in three or four days but, with MAF planes, it’s just a few hours. MAF’s services are valuable for many people.’

Bako laughs when she admits how much she loves numbers — especially when they all add up! Growing up in a city where life was steady, the family was left with nothing when political instability in 1990 cost her parents their jobs.

Bako — having known about Christianity but never experiencing the love of Jesus – began searching for her identity. ‘After my family lost everything, I asked, “Who am I? Why am I here?”’ she says. ‘I searched the Bible, and read and read. I finally chose Jesus as my Saviour in 1993 — and now He has led me each step and to this job in MAF.’

In 2011, Bako received the rare opportunity to travel to the UK for finance training with MAF’s UK team. It was the first time she had left the island.

‘It was a real adventure to see how people live,’ she recalls. ‘In the UK, everything is in order. You can’t even cross the road when you want, but in Madagascar you can do whatever you like! It was a real open door for me, and it opened my mind.

‘It’s a privilege to be part of this mission. But there are big challenges here. Political corruption makes us a poor country. I do have hope for Madagascar, and I know God is in control. I pray that Jesus can be heard, and many people will be saved through MAF and our partners.’

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