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Every pound we receive fuels our mission to reach isolated communities with the essentials of life – those living out of sight, out of mind and out of hope. Make your donation go further today.

When Jack and Stuart founded MAF nearly 80 years ago, they never imagined it would become the world’s largest humanitarian air service it is today.
With around 120 light aircraft in over 25 low-income countries, every day is different with MAF. Here’s just a taster of what we’ve been up to over the last few months. It’s this kind of life-changing intervention that your gift makes possible.

Amanda’s Story

When Amanda finally reached the airstrip in Samban, she was barely conscious. The nine-year-old had been carried for a gruelling 8-hours through the Papua New Guinean jungle suffering with both TB and malaria. Her only hope was a MAF flight to Wewak hospital for urgent treatment. The team did not disappoint, and three months later Amanda was back playing with her friends!

World Vision

Your donations also help us support some of the world’s largest development agencies, like World Vision. A dangerous six-hour journey from Dili, East Timor’s capital, became a 30-minute plane journey with MAF, ensuring food and healthcare could be delivered quickly as part of their ‘Better Food, Better Health’ initiative. Humbelino Pereira, from World Vision says, ‘Flying with MAF really helps us save our travel time and spend more time doing our activities with the local communities.’

Water for Lesotho

It’s not just health-related situations you help us respond to. In the remote community of Kuebunyane in Lesotho, Africa, we worked with Lokisa Water to deliver 16 taps and eight toilets for the community – including a local school. Tom Jacobs from Lokisa Water says, ‘It has been great to partner with MAF on this. They have made transporting our people and materials to Kuebunyane very easy as it is a mission to get to the village otherwise (eight hours by car, then an eight-hour hike)’

We thank you again for your donation to the work of MAF. We would like to ask you to consider if you are able to make a regular gift to support the ongoing work of MAF around the world.

For just £10 a month, you can support two 15-minute, life-changing, flights a year.

This could be a flight bringing women and children caught in domestic abuse to safety. It could be a flight bringing in building materials and equipment for a new school. It could be the difference between life and death for someone requiring a medical evacuation to hospital, saving many days walking.

Could you make a lasting difference, starting today?