“Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” – Matthew 5:16 (NIV)


Let Others See Your Good Works – written by Anna Rayner, MAF UK

Imagine a lightbulb or candle lying on a table. Without an electricity supply, or a lit match, these objects are not serving their purpose and are not illuminating the space they are in. They are, in effect, empty vessels not fulfilling their destiny of incandescence.

We can sometimes be a bit like the lightbulb or candle; when we are not fully ‘plugged in’ to our source – God and His Word – we are not fully equipped to display the Lord’s goodness to others, and cannot fulfil what Matthew 5:16 tells us to do: ‘Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven.’

However, when we are fuelled by our Almighty Father, through reading His Word and seeking to understand and live it out, we shine so brightly that it’s hard to ignore in this dark world.

MAF Papua New Guinea

At the MAF programme in Papua New Guinea (PNG), all our pilots, aircraft engineers and ground staff work together to reach over 180 isolated communities each year.

All staff members pray together often and sing songs of praise and worship together. Our pilots pray with their passengers before they take-off. We take evangelists to hard-to-reach villages to share the love of Jesus. We carry boxes of Bibles and Christian resources to distribute to spiritually-hungry people at remote airstrips. We ask our supporters to pray for PNG from the UK and all around the world.

Every MAF plane carries the light of the Lord, like carrying the flame from one candle to catch and ignite cold wicks into life around the world. The network of connectivity that MAF provides allows those seeking their life’s purpose to plug in to the one true source, tangibly transforming their lives.

MAF Technologies PNG seeks to do the good works the Lord has called them to, in the hope that those around will see the light of God that they bring with them wherever they go.

The Bible Box

Through the ‘Bible Box’ project, MAF Technologies PNG makes printed Christian materials and audio Bibles loaded with content available in the local language, Tok Pisin. They aim to make the Gospel accessible to everyone. Often, our pilots arrive with a full box, and leave with an empty one; we can be sure our Father’s flames are being fanned in PNG as a result of this project.

Solar Panels

In the Eastern Highlands Province of PNG, literal light is being brought to numerous ‘Mama Waiting Huts’. MAF Technologies PNG have provided and installed solar panels to birthing huts and rural health outposts, bringing life-saving light to midwives and expectant mothers.

Limited access to reliable electricity in the remote, mountainous villages poses an immense challenge to midwifery, with some babies being delivered by a torch held between the teeth – or worse – in pure darkness. Therefore, with the simple solar installation, maternity death rates for mothers and their unborn children are reduced – and the health sector as a whole can rely on sustainable power.

MAF have ignited their spiritual light from the Lord to bring physical light to these mothers in PNG, and it doesn’t stop there. We have a further batch of solar installations planned for coming months.

If 10 people reading this gave just £14, we’d be able to supply another birthing hut with light, saving lives from now, long into the future.

Will you consider joining us by supporting this project, so we can bring light to as many people as possible in PNG?

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1.     Think about your own journey with Christ – could the way you live currently be described as a shining light? Or is your connection to the Source of Life a little loose, is your flame dying out? Consider ways in which you can plug yourself back in, so you can be the light to others God wants you to be.

2.     How can you help uphold the work of MAF? Could you commit to praying for the people and projects in Papua New Guinea, or give financially to support the flying costs and projects there? Help us continue to take the Light of the Lord to the darkest places in the world.

Lord, we pray today that you continue upholding and strengthening all those who work for MAF across the world, equipping them to be a shining light, showing your good works whenever they go.

We pray specifically today for those in Papua New Guinea, serving thousands of people living in physical and spiritual isolation every year. We pray for safety on the technically challenging airstrips and navigation around changeable weather systems. Lord, please soften the hearts of everyone they meet to the message of your Good News, so their lives can be transformed.

In Jesus’ name,


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Let there be light!

Will you consider joining us by supporting the Mama birthing huts solar power project, so we can bring light to as many people as possible in PNG?