• 70 years keyring

    70 years keyring

    Misc, Suggested donation per item: £2.00

    Help commemorate 70 years of MAF flying for life with this keyring

  • Eyes Turned Skyward

    Eyes Turned Skyward

    Book, Suggested donation per item: £8.00

    Missionary pilot Max Meyers shares unforgettable stories from his many years in Papua New Guinea in this book of stories to encourage and inspire faith in God.

  • Jungle Pilot

    Jungle Pilot

    Book, Suggested donation per item: £8.00

    Simply a classic. One you must read. Nate Saint's brief but adventure-packed story in the jungles of Ecuador will grip you.

  • Many Adventures Followed

    Many Adventures Followed

    Book, Suggested donation per item: £8.00

    Live through the pioneering experiences of Roger Young. The missionary pilot vividly portrays what it was really like in the early years of MAF's service amid the mountaintops and deep valleys of Papua New Guinea.

  • Hope Has Wings

    Hope Has Wings

    Book, Suggested donation per item: £8.00

    The inspiring tale of MAF from 1945 right up to today from Stuart King, a man who has seen it all happen.

  • Powered by Prayer

    Powered by Prayer

    Book, Suggested donation per item: £6.00

    This MAF devotional booklet is designed to encourage and spur you on in your prayer and support of MAF.