Immeasurably More

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‘The sounds of heavy gunfire ripped the air apart. Each new volley of shots made me jump…“Get the children to safety!” someone yelled.’


Liz Parker’s moving biography Immeasurably More takes you on a journey from the crowded terraces of 1980s Liverpool through the war-torn streets of Juba, the sun-drenched plains of Tanzania, the fast-growing development of Nairobi, and the rolling hills of Kampala.


From the humble Merseyside vicarage where she grew up, Liz never dreamed she would one day marry a bush pilot and adventure across East and Central Africa with Mission Aviation Fellowship.


This book reveals the miraculous highs and challenging lows of mission life – the daily routines and unexpected dangers, the prayed-for miracles and the ongoing battles of serving isolated communities and seeing lives transformed.


Each step of the Parker family’s incredible journey is underpinned by the steadfast support of inspiring people and the unwavering provision of a faithful and Mighty God. Through all the peaks and valleys, you’ll discover their dependence on a way-making, promise-keeping God, who has done immeasurably more than they could have ever asked or imagined.


“We are immensely privileged that so many people like Liz and the Parker family commit their lives to fulfil the mission of MAF. But it is rare to get such an in-depth and heartfelt insight of what life is really like on the mission field. This book gives examples of the miraculous victories, inspiring faith and daily provision that God provides to those who choose to follow Him.”
– Ruth Whitaker, CEO, MAF UK


"I am profoundly inspired and impressed by this very powerful book. Liz Parker has written a deeply moving, interesting and compelling book. I especially value the accounts of MAF's Ministry and the poignant details of the situations of the people they reach.

“This book is so well written it is very hard to put down! I strongly recommend it as a 'must read' book."

– The Baroness Cox, Founder and CEO, Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust


Author Details
Liz Parker grew up in the industrial city of Liverpool. She studied French, then teaching, at university. Alongside husband Andrew, she felt called to serve God overseas, joining Mission Aviation Fellowship in 2009. God has since led Liz and Andrew through six countries with their three children.

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