Returning Home


You’ve completed your round-the-world Discovery Air Pass adventure. Here are some amazing facts about where your journey has taken you…


You have flown just over 22,000 miles in the last year, touching down in 7 of the fascinating programmes where MAF serves. Your longest flight was from Antananarivo in Madagascar to Port Moresby in PNG – a total of 6,629 miles.

Kids waving


You needed your umbrella most frequently in PNG where it rains throughout the year. The hottest and driest place you visited was Kajo Keji in South Sudan, where temperatures can reach 45°C.

People unloading a MAF plane


You’ve flown in 6 different light aircraft: Cessna 182 (South Sudan, Madagascar), Cessna Grand Caravan (South Sudan), Cessna 206 (Tanzania), Cessna 208 (Madagascar, PNG), Amphibious Cessna 208 (Bangladesh) and GA8 Airvan (Arnhem Land, Timor-Leste)

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Saying goodbye

There are so many ways to say goodbye to the people who have made this journey so memorable. Here are a few farewell expressions you may have picked up.

Pheri bhetaula Nepali
Khoda Hafez Bengali
Hau ba lai Tetum
Bubu Yolŋu
Veloma Malagasy
Kwaheri Swahili
Keyaa Dinka
Lukim Tok Pisin


Check your loose change

Why not order this little box to collect your leftover coins? Your change can help change lives. When it’s full, simply take the contents to a bank or coin counting machine and send a cheque (payable to MAF UK) to MAF, Castle House, Castle Hill Avenue, Folkestone, Kent CT20 2TQ

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Pray for the countries you’ve visited

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Download this handy leaflet to help you remember the people and places you’ve seen on your journey. You can use the daily pointers to guide your prayers each week.


Your gift today will help change lives across the globe.

Where next?

Keep your passport handy!

Be prepared for your next adventure as our Discovery communications continue to fly you across the MAF world every two months. If you would like to switch from digital to postal mailings, or would prefer not to continue your Discovery journey, just email or call us on 01303 852819.

Thank you for flying with MAF and have a safe journey home!

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