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Disaster Response

MAF is partnering with a mission organisation in the Philippines to support a disaster response effort following Typhoon Doksuri in late July. Rain caused devastating landslides which blocked roads and damaged bridges. MAF’s Disaster Response Team is working with Ethnos360 to use helicopters as a way of transporting supplies, stranded individuals and relief workers. This means that food and relief packs can be delivered over mountains to Calanasan, where in contrast it would take first responders 3 days to hike the same distance. These deliveries bring more than just food; they bring assurance that people are not forgotten and that help is coming.


  • For everyone in the areas affected by the Typhoon as they rebuild their lives.
  • That help will continue to reach the isolated communities
  • For everyone involved in the partnership between MAF and Ethnos360. That flights will be safe and their work will make a difference.

South Sudan Refugees

Since Sudan’s conflict erupted 5 months ago, MAF’s been supporting Renk’s transit camps in neighbouring South Sudan and has been able to deliver more than 33 flights carrying nearly 200 passengers and over 26 tonnes of cargo in aid of relief efforts. Since the conflict began in April at least 4,000 people have been killed and 4.3 million have been displaced (Source: UN). Overcrowding has become a problem in Renk with around 1,000 refugees arriving every day. MAF has been helping to relieve pressure within the camps by relocating people by air, medevacking the most vulnerable to hospital and flying in aid and services. Without MAF’s 3 hour flights to Renk from the capital Juba, it would take relief agencies several days of overland travel to reach the camps.


  • For those working in the refugee camps to help all those affected by the conflict
  • For peace in the region and an end to the fighting that has been taking place
  • For safe travel and flights for MAF and for all of the agencies working to make a difference

Timor-Leste Medevacs

MAF Timor Leste, in partnership with the Ministry of Health Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste and the National Ambulance Service SNAEM, I.P has carried out over 100 Medevacs in the first half of 2023. Without the ongoing work of MAF within the area, patients who urgently need help from remote areas wouldn’t be able to make it to the Hospital Nacional Guido Valadares for treatment. This hospital is based in the capital of Timor Leste, Dili, and is the only hospital in the country, making these Medevacs incredibly vital to the communities there.


  • For the doctors and nurses working in the capital, that God would bless all that they do
  • For the MAF pilots and engineers there undertaking the Medevacs in Timor Leste and elsewhere around the world
  • For all the people needing Medevacs to be healed and know the love of God

Creative Ways to Pray

Feeling Creative?

If you want to focus your prayers for one or all of the stories mentioned in this e-mail, why not try drawing/printing off a map of the country you are praying for and then writing what you are asking God for on the piece of paper. When you are finished praying, put the piece of paper up somewhere that you will see it regularly as a way to remind yourself of the things you are praying for.

We want to hear from you!

If you feel called to write your prayers down then we would love for you to send them to us so that they can join with the prayers that are already happening all around the world through MAF. Simply send your prayer to

Not sure what to pray?

Sometimes it can be hard to think of what to pray at times and so below is a prayer that you can use to pray for the work of MAF.


Father God we pray for the work of MAF is doing in isolated communities around the world

I pray that staff would be protected as they serve you and would you bless what they do

We pray for all those in pain would find your healing

That all those in hunger would find nourishment

That all those in isolation would find connection

And all those in need would find you