Be part of an adventure

It’s not easy leaving your comfort zone. But when you serve with MAF – determined to bring help, hope and healing to the remote parts of the world – you’ll experience the adventure of a lifetime.

Be part of hope

Every 4 minutes an MAF aircraft takes off or lands. To countless communities around the world, the inbound MAF aircraft – just a tiny speck at first – has come to be a symbol of hope.

Be part of a movement

For over 70 years MAF has been serving the remote communities of the world. What started off as the dream of a few Christian airforce pilots is now a global movement.

Be part of transformation

Every single part of this school building came in on an MAF plane. This has transformed the community. MAF’s vision is simple: to see isolated people physically and spiritually transformed in Christ’s name.

Be part of rescue

In the remote communities where we serve, medevacs happen all the time. MAF is a lifeline to thousands who would otherwise die.You can be part of this rescue. You can be part of saving lives.


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