What does a plane mean to you?

For two-year old Rafale an MAF plane meant life-saving treatment.

For the volunteer doctors and nurses
it meant the only way to access and help this remote community.


For you a gift will mean saving lives like Rafale’s, by enabling MAF to fly more medical teams to those suffering and days away from medical help.

Ampasinambo, home to Rafale’s family, is an extremely remote community on the east coast of Madagascar. Overland transport is not viable for volunteer doctors and nurses, as that would mean too long an absence from their normal work. So, MAF opened an airstrip in 2009, giving access in 45 minutes.

The project coordinator for Hoveraid, one of our medical mission partners, explains ‘Life has become increasingly tough in Ampasinambo since February 2022’.  The villagers are still suffering the consequences of Cyclone Batsirai, which almost completely destroyed their harvest. Food prices have soared. Vegetables are even hard to find.

Two year old Rafale was bought to the 4 day clinic at the caretaker’s house by her mother and grandmother. Suffering severe malnutrition (weighing just 2.5kg) and dehydration, Rafale did not even have the strength to hold up her head or open her eyes.

A re-hydration drip solution, vitamins and antibiotics were all that were needed to save her life – only made possible by the amazing medical volunteers flown in by MAF.

MAF Madagascar Operations Manager and pilot Ryan Unger expresses;

‘it is a privilege to see our aircraft bringing the gift of healthcare
to a very isolated region of Madagascar. We pray that
both physical and spiritual healing would come through
the medical team and the accompanying pastor’

Donate now and your gift will mean saving more lives like Rafale’s by enabling MAF to fly in more medical teams to isolated communities.