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Come on a journey with us!

Email 1 - MAF UK HR Recruitment Journey


Welcome to our online journey! We realise that getting to know a mission organisation, and the part that you could play, can be daunting.

This email series was put together to help with that. We hope you come away inspired about the exciting and life-changing work of MAF, along with a better idea of how you can get on board!

Where it all began 

Every mission has a starting point. Ours was World War II.

The question was simple. Aircraft had played such a powerful part in bringing death and destruction during the war, why couldn’t they be used to bring life and hope during times of peace?

And so MAF was born.

A lot has happened since MAF was formed in 1945. But, through all the changes and developments in technology and aviation, the heart of MAF has remained the same – to share God’s love with isolated people using aviation.

If you’d like to learn more about our history, you might like to watch the following clip:

Our vision and mission

MAF wants to see isolated people changed by the love of Christ. Although the humanitarian work we do is important, because we’re motivated by the love of Christ, we know that lasting change is dependent on Him.

Our mission is to use aviation and technology to bring help, hope and healing – three words that have a physical and a spiritual dimension, are complementary, and mutually supportive.

The love of Christ compels us to do our utmost each day to bring transformation to the remote communities that need it most – whatever their race or religion.

We care deeply for the people we serve, and we see everything we do in terms of mission.


This physical transformation looks different with almost every flight we do; medicine, food, water, education, disaster relief, community development, emergency evacuations – the impact goes on and on.

Five marks of mission

When we talk about mission, we think of  a number of integrated activities. Being an aviation organisation, we  see this in terms of a propellor whose five blades emanate from a central hub.

At the centre is the Lord Jesus Christ, with Proclamation, Teaching, Compassion, Justice and Creation care serving as five individual blades.

Of course, when a propellor spins, the individual blades appear to merge and look like one.


MAF partners with others to provide flights that support a variety of evangelistic ministries such as showing the Jesus film, translating God’s Word, and producing and distributing audio Bibles and Christian literature.

Our staff also take opportunities to witness for Christ in their day to day lives.


MAF partners with others to provide flights that support Christian leadership training, local schools and higher education.

Our staff also engage with the local church, mission schools and aviation communities.


MAF partners with others to provide flights that meet urgent and long-term physical need.

These include medical emergency evacuations, disaster response, delivering supplies and equipment to hospitals and clinics, and enabling doctors and dentists to reach remote areas.

We partner with others to support the provision of clean water, food security, hygiene, health and sanitation.

MAF also partners with others to provide and support technical development, facilitating IT training and support, and helping to install HF radio and solar power.


MAF partners with others to provide flights that support those who are marginalised, vulnerable and financially disadvantaged.

We also facilitate peace and reconciliation initiatives, and enable trauma counselling and mental health programmes.

Creation care

MAF partners with others to provide flights that support wildlife conservation and agricultural training and development, and assists initiatives that seek to address climate change.


That’s a bit about us

I hope that helps you understand where MAF has come from and where we are going.

When you first came across MAF, you probably thought that it was  an organisation just for pilots and aircraft engineers.

We get that a lot! But that really isn’t the case.

Yes, we desperately need experienced pilots and aircraft maintenance engineers, but these roles represent just a fraction of what it takes to keep us serving remote and isolated communities worldwide.

If we were to list every role needed to make MAF’s ministry happen, we’d probably overload your inbox and possibly bore you.


But, to give you a brief idea, we also need accountants, IT personnel, administrators, teachers, programme managers, building maintenance staff, operations managers, quality and safety managers, communication specialists and learning technologies personnel.

And that’s just on the field. At home, we need volunteers passionate about sharing their love of Christ and MAF with others.

Whoever you are, chances are there’s a part you can play in MAF’s mission.


Find out why working for MAF is more than just a job. Just hit the play button below!

Till next time!

Well, that’s it for the first leg of this online journey.

But keep an eye out for email two where we’ll give you the chance to take a ‘Look out the window’ at the different MAF programmes around the world. We think you’ll find it fascinating!

God bless.

The MAF UK HR team