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MAF enables medical teams and the Gospel to reach isolated communities in Tanzania where roads don’t go.

We began flying to Tanzania from Kenya in 1959. Four years after that in 1963 we made our first in-country flight, taking off and landing in Tanzania itself.

In 1977, we began a permanent programme in Dodoma to meet the needs of missionaries. Today, our focus is on medical and evangelistic ‘safaris’. National and missionary staff fly to remote villages to provide medical care, including antenatal and mother-and-child checks, and one-to-one evangelism. Thanks to these trips, isolated people can receive treatment and hear the Gospel.

Through God’s grace, huge improvements in infrastructure over the last ten years have made travel easier and safer. This has allowed us to focus on supporting the communities that need us the most.

In 2014, after an extensive re-evaluation, it was decided that partner needs could best be served from a base in Arusha and through our work with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Mbeya. From there, MAF continues to facilitate medical care and evangelism to Tanzania’s remotest regions.

‘I want to thank MAF for its long and faithful services to remote areas in Haydom and neighbouring regions. The services are important and greatly appreciated.’
Haydom Hospital

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Main Base:
Programme Began:
Two Cessna 206s
3 International
3 National
Did you know?
We served 1,002 passengers across 30 locations in 2022, and work with 11 partner organisations
Partners on the ground
Haydom Hospital
Malambo Discipleship Training Centre
Wycliffe Bible Translators
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