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Lesotho is crippled by poverty, famine and one of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS in the world. However, with the help of MAF, Lesotho’s mountain airstrips are a gateway through which access to food, medicines, and other essential services can be delivered.

MAF’s ministry doesn’t end when a patient makes it to the hospital or returns to their village – Basotho Christians like Sefiri follow up on patients in remote villages by sharing the Gospel and extending support to medical staff and villagers.

In 2014, our lifeline began directly involving communities in airstrip maintenance, taking the opportunity to build relationships, share the Good News, and encourage the stewardship of remote airstrips by villagers.

Quick Facts
Main Base:
Programme Began:
Four Cessna 206s
6 International
15 National
Did you know?
We served 2,363 passengers across 17 locations in 2022, and work with 2 partner organisations
Partners on the ground
Lesotho Flying Pastors
Lokisa Water Project
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