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MAF has enabled the work and maximised the effectiveness of Christian workers and agencies in Haiti since 1986. MAF missionary families and Haitian staff members fly and maintain 3 aircraft, servicing over 14 airstrips from our base in Port-au-Prince.

With the lowest standard of living in the western hemisphere, 80% of Haiti’s  8 million people live in poverty and hopelessness.

Haitians suffer from chronic malnutrition, poor health, and untreated medical conditions. Some 120,000 Haitian people live with HIV/AIDS.

Nearly 50% of Haitian children do not attend primary school. More than 80% won’t complete secondary school.

The resulting illiteracy severely limits the number of qualified indigenous church leaders and prevents Haitian Christians from having a positive impact on society.

Trapped by rough, mountainous terrain and frequent rainy season floods that deteriorate or destroy roads, it is extremely difficult to travel inland without our aircraft.

Bandits increase the danger of land travel, and kidnapping, armed robbery and assault remain a constant threat.

In 1791, Haiti’s slaves revolted and the practice of voodoo exploded. The entire country was formally ‘dedicated’ to this blend of west African spiritism and witchcraft,and was again rededicated to voodoo during the bicentennial celebrations of 1991.

Today, many Haitians attempt to escape through drugs or suicide. Religious agencies say the suicide rate of the Haitian Guarani youth is among the highest in the world.

Quick Facts
Main Base:
Programme Began:
One Cessna 206
Two Cessna 207s
One Cessna 208B
6 International
22 National
Did you know?
We served 9.583 passengers across 16 locations in 2021, and work with 176 partner organisations
Partners on the ground
Agape Christian Mission
Hands and Feet Project
Mennonite Gospel Missions to Haiti
Northwest Haiti Christian Mission
Samaritan’s Purse
Sonlight Christian Mission
World Vision
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