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Democratic Republic of the Congo

MAF brings help, hope and healing to thousands caught up in conflict and in urgent need of food and medical assistance – touching countless lives in the name of Jesus.

Sustaining and multiplying the ministry efforts of over 100 partner organisations, we help overcome physical barriers created by dense jungles, vast distances, ever-changing rivers and infrastructure blighted by decades of war and under-investment.

In the face of overwhelming need, MAF planes help alleviate the suffering of internally displaced people and those affected by a destabilised eastern DRC.

The Second Congo War, 1998-2003, claimed an estimated 5.4 million lives, and rebel groups continue to operate in the east – threatening the security of civilians living and travelling by road there. By supporting the emerging interdenominational and inter-tribal Christian movement, MAF helps bring the healing, reconciliation and community development necessary for improving the long-term prospects of the DRC and its neighbours.

MAF provides emergency medical evacuations, transports medicine and evangelistic materials, enables training events, helps with crisis relief, and facilitates social action projects in outlying areas.

In 2014, an epidemic of Ebola in the west was contained in the remote Boende area. Because MAF was already operating in the country, doctors were able to respond quickly by assessing and treating those affected, and averting a much larger tragedy.

‘We couldn’t be in the DRC without MAF. As MAF restored service in western DRC, so have we. We follow your plans and planes. Without MAF, our mission in the DRC would be extremely difficult.’

Eastern DRC

MAF provides vital aviation and communications services to Congolese churches, Christian missions, and NGOs ministering in eastern DRC.

MAF touches countless lives by supporting the Church, missionaries, and an increasing number of short-term mission teams in DRC’s north-eastern region.

MAF is committed to supporting the emerging interdenominational and inter-tribal Christian movement which provides healing, reconciliation and biblical community development. Other mission groups and humanitarian agencies use MAF to help with rebuilding efforts and alleviate the suffering of those displaced or affected by a destabilised eastern DRC.

Western DRC

MAF aircraft and radio communications services support the Congolese Church, international missions, and NGOs serving in western DRC: offering a valued solution to barriers created by vast distances, jungles, and ever-changing rivers.

From bases in Lubumbashi and Kinshasa, MAF sustains and multiplies the ministry efforts of expatriate missionaries, national Christian workers, social workers, and a 500-bed hospital in Vanga.

Our pilots and planes conduct emergency medical evacuations, transport medicines from the hospital to outlying areas, deliver evangelistic materials, enable training events, and support learning institutions, social action projects and crisis relief.

Quick Facts
Main Base:
Bunia (eastern DRC) Kinshasa (western DRC)
Programme Began:
Three Cessna 208Bs
One Cessna 206

Two Cessna 208Bs
One Cessna 206
9 International
33 National

8 International
26 National
Did you know?
We served 17,078 passengers across 80 locations in 2022, and work with 110 partner organisations
Partners on the ground
Africa Inland Mission
Congolese Churches
Panzi Hospital
Samaritan's Purse
University Shalom Bunia
Voice of the Martyrs
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