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MAF began operating in Angola in 1989 to provide essential support for NGOs, missions and churches in a country still in the grip of civil war.

In the 27 years of fighting from 1975 to 2002,1.5 million lives were lost and 4 million displaced

During that time, the warring MPLA and UNITA parties laid an estimated 10 million landmines in strategic locations, encircling communities and endangering roads.

Today, MAF partners like HALO are helping to recover these landmines one by one, improving the prospects of 21.47 million Angolans, many of whom rely on subsistence agriculture for their livelihoods.

With some of the world’s worst health outcomes and fewer than 2 doctors per 10,000 people, MAF is multiplying the ministry of medical partners like Kalukembe Mission Hospital by flying doctors into remote areas.

Flights transferring patients with acute medical and surgical needs from rural clinics to partner hospitals in larger towns began in 2015.


Quick Facts
Main Base:
Programme Began:
Two Cessna 182s
One Cessna 208B
4 International
14 National
Did you know?
We served 1,447 passengers across 26 locations in 2022, and work with 36 partner organisations
Partners on the ground
Evangelic Medical Centre of Lubango
Halo Trust
Samaritans purse
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