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Connection is not just about sharing information. It’s exchanges of humanity, emotion, and support. Connection is what we are made for.

My MAF Community is a unique chance to connect with an isolated people group in the remotest corners of the world.

Through email, video, prayer, and conversation, you can develop a unique and exciting connection, and be part of life-transformation for remote people through the power of aviation and technology.


What is an MAF community?

An MAF community is a relationship between you and members of a remote or isolated population living in areas where overland travel is difficult, dangerous, or even impossible.

These people rely on MAF to deliver food, water, medicine, and development – and you can not only make these flights possible, but see how every MAF landing in your community is transforming lives.

We want to connect you with neighbours across the world so you can share prayers, challenges, and victories with each other throughout the year. Through this special connection, you will see change happening in real-time, and get to know the lives that are being transformed by your support.

How will I connect with my community?

After joining My MAF Community, you will receive personal stories, prayer requests and video messages directly from your overseas community:

–       Monthly via email updates

–       Annually through exclusive, live online events

You can choose how much or little information you would like to receive and write your own personal messages which will be sent across the world directly to your MAF community.

What will my connection achieve?

Through your MAF community, we will be able to:

–       Install solar panels to provide reliable energy

–       Train pastors to share the Gospel

–       Fly produce to market and create reliable income streams

–       Transport doctors to treat rural patients

–       Construct new schools and hospitals

–       Build HF radio masts so communities can connect with one another

–       … and so much more

Join an MAF community!

How do I join?

Joining an MAF community is a meaningful commitment, and we hope it will form a special relationship that will last a lifetime.

By signing a £10/month direct debit, you will be supporting partnership work in remote communities and you can begin to meet some of the local people you are investing in.

Sponsor our very first community – Telefomin in Papua New Guinea – today via the button below. We will be in touch to complete your registration and get you started with creating a connection that could transform not one life, but an entire community.

Thank you.

Support a community today!