Meet the HR Team

Your wonderful flight crew are waiting

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Can you believe our online journey is close to coming to an end?

Today, we want to introduce you to… us! Your ‘flight crew’.

In a normal flight we’d have done this first, but we wanted you to build up all your questions, concerns, thoughts and excitements and then let you know who you can direct them to!

Our recruitment team at MAF UK is small, busy, friendly and very eager for people in the United Kingdom and Ireland to find out more about what we do!

So, let's meet the team.

Rachel Phipps - HR Manager

Tricia Holley - HR & Recruitment Officer

To speak with a member of the HR Team please call

the office on 01303 850 950 or send us a quick email


Adam Pope - Support Raising and Training Manager

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This is our team and we'd love to meet you! If you are ever in Folkestone in Kent, stop by the office and say hi.

We'll see you in the next email. In it, we're looking forward to getting to know you!

God bless,
The MAF UK team