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MAF’s operations around the world

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MAF can be a tricky organisation to get your head around. One of the reasons for this is that what we do differs from country to country.

MAF serves about 25 countries, using light aircraft to transform the lives of people living in difficult-to-access areas.

It would probably take an hour to look at all MAF’s programmes, so we’re just going to look at five of them!

First up, Uganda…

MAF’s operation in Uganda began in 1987.

Working with national church groups, missions, development and relief agencies and other non-governmental organisations, MAF Uganda has six aircraft based at Kajjansi Airfield.

MAF Uganda consists of:

✈️ 6 aircraft (Cessna 206 and Cessna Caravan 208B)

♟♟ 70 staff (52 national, 18 international)

✙  40+ destinations accessed by MAF

⛑️ Over 400+ organisations served

Despite making enormous progress in reducing poverty, Uganda continues to rely heavily on the support of foreign aid.

MAF flights make areas plagued by rebel activity and insecurity accessible, and prevent vulnerable communities from being cut off when the roads become impassable during the rainy season.

MAF also enables ministry to refugee camps and the underdeveloped Karamoja region in north-eastern Uganda.


We assist victims of violence and enable Christian missions and humanitarian organisations to provide education, deliver training in farming techniques, reduce incidents of domestic violence and HIV, and help communities generate income to provide sustainable livelihoods.

MAF’s operation in Papua New Guinea (PNG) began in 1951. It started with one man, Harry Hartwig, and one aircraft, an Auster Autocar. It’s now grown into one of our biggest programmes.

MAF PNG consists of:

✈️ 10 aircraft (Cessna Caravan 208B)

♟♟ 123 staff (incl. 90 national and 33 international)

✙  200+ destinations accessed by MAF

⛑️ 30+ organisations served

Communities rely on our aircraft as their primary means of transport, and look to us to provide medical emergency evacuations to hospital when people are ill or injured.

Our planes deliver mail, essential provisions, food and building supplies, enable healthcare, education, community development, and allow aid agencies to reach their destination safely.

With the growth of a strong PNG Church, our role has developed from mostly supporting expatriate missionaries to meeting the needs of local church pastors, Bible colleges, teachers, students, medical staff and development workers.

With South Sudan having experienced lengthy periods of civil war and rebel activity, banditry remains a problem – restricting freedom of movement and preventing safe travel. 

MAF South Sudan consists of:

✈️ 6 aircraft (Cessna 182 and Cessna Caravan 208B)

♟♟ 48 staff (34 national, 14 international)

✙  56 destinations accessed by MAF

⛑️ 200+ organisations served

With famine on the doorstep, MAF’s presence in South Sudan is needed more than ever.

We began flight operations in Sudan in 1950. Today, MAF operates six aircraft from South Sudan, with additional support from neighbouring MAF bases in Kenya and Uganda, when needed.

Our flights carry relief and development workers, missionaries and essential supplies to remote communities.

Without MAF, it would be extremely hard to deliver humanitarian aid, with Christian workers being unable to travel overland.

Our aircraft can transform an arduous overland journey of several hours into minutes. In the case of patients in a critical condition, the time saved by a medical emergency flight can mean the difference between life and death.

Thanks to MAF, immense mountain barriers which cut off entire communities can be swiftly and safely overcome.

It’s a small operation, but it packs a punch!

✈️ 2 aircraft (GA8 Airvan)

♟♟ 7 staff (3 national, 4 international)

✙  9 destinations accessed by MAF

⛑️ 30 organisations served

Check out the video below to learn more about our work in Timor-Leste.

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Till next time!

We hope you enjoyed getting a taste of the different ways we serve some of the world’s most vulnerable nations.

As we said earlier, we’ve only shown you 5 of the 25 countries MAF supports.

Stay tuned for the next leg of our online journey, where we’ll introduce you to some of the families currently serving overseas.

Thanks again, and God bless.

The MAF UK HR team