Credit: Igor Omilaev

‘Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.’ – Psalm 119:105 (KJV)


Lighting the Way – written by Caine Ruruk, MAF Papua New Guinea

One of my best childhood memories is the sight of luminescent mushroom in the forest. It is indeed an awesome sight to see the green glow with the backdrop of the forest quickly becoming darker by the minute, causing the luminescent mushroom to display its greenish light.

This luminescent mushroom growing beside the decaying logs would act as markers for us to return home. They would also be fixed to the skin of the leading person so that others will see the glowing mushroom and follow.


As a Christian, I am the light of the world. As a believer and follower of my Lord Jesus Christ, my responsibility is to lead the way in order to brighten up the path for others. The process by which the luminescent mushroom gives light is called bioluminescence – basically, a living fungus that emits light as a chemical reaction.

Because I have the important responsibility to ‘be the light’, I must allow reaction in my life and in my walk with the Lord in preparation to be the light for others. I must glow first with the help of the Lord for others to see and follow.

My faith in Jesus should naturally cause a spiritual, chemical reaction in my heart to be available to brighten the right path for others.

The living fungi…

In James 2:26, we are taught that our faith without action is dead; this train of thought continues vice versa of which is important – faith, works, or faith combined with works. In summary, James 2:19 says: ‘Even the demons believe there is one God and so we arrive back to the issue of the actual living evidence of what we believe in; faith without works is dead.’

As a Christian, I must be the living fungus depending wholly on the Lord Jesus to be an effective illuminator for others to see Jesus clearly. If I am not the living fungus, and not depending on the Lord Jesus, then I have ‘put the light under the basket’ (Mathew 5:15), thus defeating the one purpose of the light.

Bright memories…

Back to my childhood memory, I remember so clearly that the luminescent mushroom that helped us get on to the main road for home served its purpose and can be thrown away, put on a decaying wood to grow; it was only a means to direct us on our way home.

At the graduation of one of MAF Technologies popular basic computer training for pastors and ministry leaders, a graduate made this illuminative statement: ‘I thought the computers were the tools and equipment for the office people like lawyers, businessmen and academics. But through this training, I now understand that a pastor can use computer skills to prepare and deliver sermons.’

Thank You, Lord, that MAF Technologies is part of the process to brighten the path for others to discover the real source through technology as the means to enlighten God’s Word for others to come to God.

1.     What is one thing you could do today so that others will see you and give glory to God?

2.     Do you have the kind of faith that will prepare you to be willing to be lead others to Christ?


Father, help us to be genuine in our walk with You so that we can be the beacon to direct others to follow You. Help us to be doers of your Word and not just hearers, so that we can be like the light that is securely on the lampstand to give light for all men. Help us by the power of Your Holy Spirit to be bold and true in shining the light before all so that they will see the good works in us and give glory to You, Father.

In Jesus’ name,



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