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Period Poverty in PNG

According to estimates from the World Bank, 500 million women and girls worldwide don’t have access to sanitary protection.

For those living in remote areas of Papua New Guinea (PNG), affordable sanitary protection is rare, with periods often leading to exclusion and risk of infection. Many get by with rags, moss or leaves.

Last summer, MAF flew 170 women and girls to the remote village of Eliptamin in PNG’s Sandaun Province, for a women’s conference. The area is surrounded by mountains – the only way to reach the community is on foot or by plane.

MAF partners with Days for Girls, a not-for-profit organisation that produces kits containing reusable pads, underwear, flannels, soap, waterproof pouches and a guide to menstruation. MAF flew 100 of these kits to the conference.

During the conference, MAF staff distributed these kits to women and girls, and MAF and local leaders delivered an educational workshop about menstrual health.

Armed with new knowledge, it is hoped the attendees will become advocates in their own communities, fighting stigma and shame.

Victoria’s Story

When Victoria gave birth to baby Rose, she knew something was seriously wrong.

Rose’s bowel had formed outside of her body, a rare birth defect called gastroschisis – which is detected by ultrasound during pregnancy in the UK. But in rural Tanzania, Rose’s condition was critical.

Hundreds of miles from the nearest hospital, a 90-minute MAF flight was the only chance Rose had of survival.

Victoria – a single mother – waited alone as her baby received complex surgery at KCMC hospital in northern Tanzania, where 1,000 people seek medical help every day.

Tragically, after a three-week battle for life, baby Rose passed away.

Knowing she would face extreme stigma for returning as a single woman without a child – Victoria defiantly carried Rose back to her village to be buried.

On board MAF’s aircraft, the solemn 90-minute flight saved Victoria many days’ walk and gave her the dignity she deserved.

Victoria, by the MAF plane tail

Bella’s Story

Bella, an innocent, happy little girl will grow up happy, healthy and free of judgment thanks the partnership between CURE and MAF.

When her daughter Bella was born, Christine was in shock. She had never seen a child with a cleft lip and palate before and was unsure what was wrong. After failed attempts at an explanation, she began to blame herself for her daughter’s condition.

In September 2023, this changed when Christine attended a CURE mobile clinic, flown into her remote village by MAF. The 3-hour flight saved over 10 hours of gruelling road travel.

After assessing Bella, and assuring Christine she is not alone, the doctors scheduled Bella for corrective surgery, along with 14 other children.

Dr Federico shared, ‘Every step we take to lift a child up is a step towards a world where differences are celebrated, and every heart is made whole again.’

Bella’s journey serves as a profound testament to impact of collaborative efforts in transforming the lives of children.

Fistula Surgery in Uganda

Fistula is a childbirth complication that causes stigma and discomfort – around 2,000 cases are reported in Uganda annually.

In Soroti District, Terrewode Women’s Hospital – the only specialised fistula hospital in Uganda – has become a sanctuary for women and girls with the condition.

The hospital averages four repair surgeries a day and provides meals and skills workshops like weaving and sewing during recovery, igniting hope. The women, some of whom suffered for over ten years, feel relief after just a few hours.

An MAF flight to Soroti takes under an hour, whilst overland would take nearer 6 hours, and we are pleased to support this work, as Country Director Ruth Jack explains:

‘This is some of the most important work that we do because it offers support to some of the most vulnerable people in the world. Where others let these women down, MAF is available and very happy to support any efforts that will help turn their lives around for good.’

Please partner with MAF today

and fly help, hope and healing to thousands of women and children in some of the world’s most remote communities.

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We are Mission Aviation Fellowship – or MAF – a Christian mission organisation that uses planes to overcome barriers of jungles, deserts, swamps, mountains and poor infrastructure. Our pilots and personnel deliver relief workers, doctors, pastors, school books, food, medicines – everything that can only be safely and speedily transported by air. Our supporters give and pray to make this all possible.

With an MAF plane taking off or landing somewhere in the world every six minutes, the need is huge.