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Peter and Amanda Fryatt


Peter joined ‘What 4’ (the MAF youth department of the 90’s!) as a teenager, trusting that God would call him into service with MAF at some point. He waited over 20 years but it was well worth the wait. Before joining MAF, he served in the RAF for 12 years as an airframes and propulsion technician. After leaving the RAF, Peter worked as a project manager and project engineer, going on to teach Aircraft Fuel Systems on the Tornado and Jaguar aircraft to RAF Apprentices at RAF Cosford.

Amanda, originally from Northern Ireland, never had any interest in joining a mission organisation and despite feeling called by God at university to mission, it was 15 years later before she responded to that call. Amanda qualified as an Irish Chartered Accountant and has worked within financial audit and private business tax sector.  The first time she heard about MAF she remembers thinking ‘MAF does some amazing work but that’s DEFINITELY NOT for me.’ Now MAF has become a very important part of her life.

Our MAF journey

Amanda first joined MAF in 2015 and served as the finance manager in the Arnhem Land programme before moving to Cairns as Deputy Chief Accountant. During her time in Cairns, Amanda travelled to Papua New Guinea to train operations staff and support them. Amanda relocated back to the UK in 2020 to be closer to her family as the Covid-19 pandemic hit. She is currently serving as the International Finance Manager for MAF International and is responsible for the preparation of the global management accounts, has oversight of the group audit and works with the finance team to support their programmes well.

Peter joined in 2019 is currently serving as the Manager Technical Training & Innovation for MAF International, building apprenticeship and training schemes with MAF Resourcing Groups and Programmes, as well as managing the licensed engineer training requirements for the organisation. He also looks out for new technologies or ways of working that will help the Technical Operations meet their goal of providing aircraft for mission. Peter has also recently joined the MAF Disaster Relief team providing aviation services to disaster areas around the world.

Having met through their work in MAF, Pete and Amanda married in 2022 and they live in Stafford UK with Peter’s two children, Abigail and Samuel. They are all owned by one cocker spaniel, Kenzie.

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Manager Technical Training & Innovation (Peter) & International Finance Manager (Amanda)



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