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Glenn and Julie Anne Cousley


Coming from near Enniskillen in Northern Ireland, we married in 1999 and have three children – Joshua, Benjamin and Esther. Glenn was a lecturer in motor vehicle studies at Fermanagh College for ten years, having worked in a family garage business previously. He has been a Christian since 1991. Julie Anne became a Christian as a child and recommitted her life in her early teens. Before the children came along, she was a primary school teacher. Julie Anne first became familiar with MAF in the early 1980s when she lived in Tanzania with her parents and brother.

Our MAF journey

Glenn and Julie Anne served MAF in Dodoma, Tanzania, from July 2005. As Vehicle Workshop Manager, Glenn set up a stock control system, put safety procedures in place, conducted training with local staff and raised the standards of vehicle maintenance.

As well as caring for the children, Julie Anne helped in Sunday School at the Anglican Church in Dodoma and assisted with a children’s club.

During the summer of 2011, they moved to MAF Uganda, where Glenn became Dangerous Goods Officer and Vehicle Workshop Manager. At the end of 2014, they moved again – this time to Mareeba, Australia, where Glenn is now training as an aircraft maintenance engineer.

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Glenn and Julie Anne rely on a team of partners who agree to pray for them and to provide the financial support which enables them to serve with MAF.

Would you prayerfully consider joining their support team?

Would you prayerfully consider joining their support team?

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