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Fraser and Tracy Norbury


Tracy and Fraser serve with MAF in Papua New Guinea. They live in Mount Hagen where Fraser is Head of Finance, and Tracy is MAF PNG’s Training Officer. Oliver attends a local school and Rosie serves together in whatever way seems best. They are enjoying working and living there.

Fraser grew up in family which modelled what a life of active Christian faith and service could look like.  He went to UK national Christian family and youth camps every year and during this time Fraser’s faith became personal. He committed himself to Jesus as the mixture of the love and community he found at church and the miracles he witnessed convinced him of the truth of the Gospel.

After completing university, Fraser spent some time in Cambodia and Thailand with a mission organisation and then returned to the UK to gain a ‘trade’ that he could use to support mission abroad. He chose accounting and worked in a variety of financial environments, most recently in the charity sector, and always thinking about how his next career move could help him and his future family go overseas.

Tracy was raised in a Christian home and gave her heart to Jesus at the age of 6 in response to her parents showing her a video of Reinhardt Bonnke preaching in Africa. As a child she felt that she encountered God’s love through singing worship to Him and through asking Him for practical help and guidance.

After finishing university, she started out as a community worker and then went into teaching, more recently teaching English to international students and vulnerable adults. She left teaching to work for a local church as Kids Team Leader and during the Covid-19 lockdown in the UK she enjoyed organising the online kids church programme immensely.

Fraser and Tracy met in their early thirties. They married and started a family which now includes Oliver (born in 2014), a keen den-maker, mud engineer and dragon-trainer, and Primrose (born in 2017), who fears nothing and serves pretend food to anyone who will ‘eat’ it. With Fraser well-established as an accountant in the charity sector, and having grown in faith together as a family, they felt that the time was right to start exploring what was next for them.

Tracy and Fraser had agreed back in 2012, while on their honeymoon, that their default setting was to ‘go’ and they felt the Lord’s persistent nudging to get on and do it. After ‘pushing the door’ by applying to MAF they felt this nudging develop into a strong sense of calling to serve with MAF in Papua New Guinea.

They now live in Mount Hagen where Fraser is Head of Finance. Tracy is MAF PNG’s Training Officer, providing support to national and international staff as they receive mandatory training, as well as fulfilling a ‘learning mentor’ role to promote personal and skills development in the team. Oliver and Rosie attend a lovely local school together and are also busy learning one of the national languages, Tok Pisin.

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Fraser and Tracy rely on a team of partners who agree to pray for them and to provide the financial support which enables them to serve with MAF.

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Would you prayerfully consider joining their support team?

Fraser - Head of Finance, Tracy - Training Officer


Papua New Guinea

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