Kennedy’s lifelong dream

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Kennedy dreamt of becoming a missionary pilot.

‘In the village,’ Kennedy smiles, ‘we used to say it was the Queen of England flying! If she could fly, why couldn’t we? Right there, my lifelong dream was ignited — one day, I would have all the necessary licences to become a pilot.’

A missionary at the orphanage where Kennedy grew up gave him some advice: If you want to be a pilot, it’s a good idea to become an aircraft engineer first.

But it’s a lengthy process requiring a long-term commitment to highly specialised education. To become an aircraft engineer is to know everything about many different engines.

‘I want to give back what I’ve received,’ says Kennedy. ‘God has shown me grace and people have supported me so — though I’m not a pilot yet — I think maybe God has a task for me in repairing planes.’

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