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As you get ready to fly, you might have your travelling essentials close to hand. But hop on an MAF flight in PNG and you may need to strip back on home comforts to give way for life-saving cargo. Here’s what you might find in the luggage hold:

Find out more about MAF’s box of blessings, the most precious cargo of all!


Picture of bibles being handed out from a MAF plane with the title "Box of blessings"

When pilots have spare room on the aircraft, they take a ‘Bible box’ – a toolbox filled with Tok Pisin translations of the Bible, concordances, audio Bibles and much more.

Weighing approximately 10kg, these little boxes of Good News are in such high demand that a pilot can sell out of all the Bibles almost instantly at the first destination. People walk for miles to obtain their own precious copy. During 2021, MAF sold more than 10,600 Bibles in remote communities across PNG.

When Pastor Matthew Kolo started to go blind, he feared he’d never be able to access the Bible again. MAF bought him a solar powered audio Bible and taught him how to use it – now Pastor Kolo can enjoy the life-giving scripture every day.

NB: MAF Technologies PNG was previously known as CRMF in PNG. This film was shot in 2019 before the pandemic.


Airmail line red and blue


Order a souvenir from your travels

Have you enjoyed your MAF adventure so far?

Perhaps you’d like to take a little something home or buy a gift to tell a friend about your travels. Check out our souvenirs here and order a memento that will help transform lives in the remotest parts of PNG and across the world.

Selection of discovery souvenirs: Cap, Recalibrate book, Toy bear, Eyes turned skyward book and MAF water bottle with caption


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Saying goodbye

Why not try out a few phrases in Tok Pisin, the language which is most widely spoken in PNG?

Em i gutpela tumas long bungim yu = It was great to meet you
Papa God i ken blesim yu = God bless you
Tenkyu tru long lukautim mi gut = Thank you for your hospitality
Mi laik lukim yu gen sampela taim = Hope to see you again soon


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