Welcome to Tanzania

The second stop on your Discovery Air Pass journey

Tanzania has been on MAF’s flight path for over 60 years.

Soon after Bishop Yohana Madinda invited MAF co-founder Stuart King to help spread the Gospel far and wide, we began a long process to establish a base in Dodoma.

Today, MAF runs regular safari flights to maintain churches, plant new ones, and deliver vital medical help to villages that would otherwise be inaccessible.


Only By Air

Scattered across this vast landscape, many rural communities are isolated by an inadequate network of unpaved, dirt track roads. Poorly maintained and littered with potholes, anyone attempting to travel these routes faces big risks. During Tanzania’s two rainy seasons, even motorbikes struggle to reach remote villages, leaving many people cut off for months at a time. The only way to reach them is by air.

As well as poor transport, Tanzania’s climate and weather can be hugely unpredictable, causing severe drought and food shortages which endanger thousands of lives.

MAF’s flights have always provided physical and spiritual help to remote and forgotten parts of Tanzania. In the last decade alone, MAF has helped construct over two dozen remote airstrips, and regular flights continue to transport medical supplies, development specialists, mission workers and pastors to the hardest-to-reach places.

Tanzania Today

Today, MAF is recognised by district hospitals, international aid agencies and the Church as providing a vital, safe service to help the most vulnerable communities. Tanzania is a country where we are committed to provide regular safari flights to help those in need. Here’s why:

Basic human needs
War and conflict
How we bring help

Children’s Activity Worksheet

Mike, Alpha and Foxtrot have put together some fun children’s activities which you can download and print as a booklet. In your printer settings, just choose the options to print on both sides of the paper and flip on the short edge.

Discovery Air Pass Children’s Activity Worksheet - download today

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We fly to remote places to reach the world’s most isolated people – thank you for joining us in Tanzania.

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