for the next patient waiting – just £33 provides the fuel
for a 15-minute emergency medevac flight.

Marcia Pereira de Sousa lives in a remote part of Ataúro Island, a small oceanic landmass in Timor-Leste. Her village is so isolated, it takes four hours to walk to the nearest health clinic.

So, when Marcia began to experience birth complications, she set off on the treacherous walk to reach help, heavily pregnant and with a dangerously high blood pressure.

The nurse who finally assessed Marcia immediately called MAF and requested an urgent medevac. A 20-mile expanse of water still separated them from Timor-Leste’s only hospital in Dili. The crossing – if a boat was available – could have taken more than three hours.

The 15-minute MAF flight saved Marcia and her baby’s life.

‘I could see she was in pain. She managed to walk to the aircraft from the ambulance and we laid her down on a stretcher.’
MAF Pilot Ping Domtta

‘I am very grateful because MAF truly helped us in this critical situation and evacuated us from Ataúro to Dili to get special care for myself and the baby in my tummy,’ Marcia said. ‘I am super proud of MAF for making a great service and serving isolated people in this nation.’

Also proud to be at the centre of the rescue story was Francelina’s father Clementino. ‘I am very grateful to MAF for this extraordinary flight,’ he said. ‘The service evacuated us and saved my wife and baby’s lives.’

‘It made my day to hear that Marcia is well and discharged. We are able to do what we do here in this country because of people giving generously to our medevac project. I hope we can continue to hear more stories of the difference a 15-minute flight makes in someone’s life.’
MAF Pilot, Ping Domtta


MAF operates the only air ambulance service for the entire population of Timor-Leste; 80% of whom live in rural areas.

Every flight is subsidised by donations from people like you.

Please help us perform another life-saving flight in Timor-Leste and other isolated places around the world.

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