• Soul Survivor Scotland

    Soul Survivor Scotland


    MAF Youth are returning to Soul Survivor Scotland. We will be in the Toolshed with our Flight Sim and our Virtual Reality Goggles, so come say hi!

  • MAF Youth at Soul Survivor Scotland

    MAF Youth at Soul Survivor Scotland


    MAF Youth have just been at Soul Survivor Scotland for the very first time! It was a great week but now we're all very tired ...

  • Meet Ben Crook, MAF Youth volunteer

    Meet Ben Crook, MAF Youth volunteer


    The magnificent support we receive from volunteers has always been crucial to MAF's work. This is especially the case for MAF Youth whose volunteer speakers give their time to inspire young people around the UK with the concept of 'Flying for Life'.

  • Lost and found

    Lost and found


    Kiir Dau Mathiang knows a great deal about suffering, he also knows a lot about how God can turn suffering around for his purposes.

  • Life in a bar

    Life in a bar


    A delivery of precious nutritional supplement bars changes lives in Pulchoul

  • Word on the move

    Word on the move


    Bringing the Gospel to the roaming, nomadic Maasai in Tanzania

  • Sight to the blind in South Sudan

    Sight to the blind in South Sudan


    LuAnne Cadd meets an inspirational eye-team MAF flew to a remote corner of South Sudan

  • All wrapped up

    All wrapped up


    Delivering boxes of joy to some of South Africa’s poorest children

  • Experiencing Elcho

    Experiencing Elcho


    Stephanie Gidney tells the story of one MAF family on an Aboriginal island

  • Go and do likewise

    Go and do likewise


    MAF Pilot Dave Forney follows the tragic story of a young girl in Uganda