Will you do whatever it takes?

Millions of people in South Sudan have been living in crisis since violence broke out in December 2013. People like Simon.

Simon and his family lived in an ordinary market village. Their lives were turned upside down when militia fighting, raging through the countryside, reached their community. They had no choice but to leave, flee with his family, and to try to keep them alive.

The video above tells Simon's incredible story and how MAF came to his rescue.

In South Sudan, more than 1.5 million people have been forced from their homes. Almost 4 million are unsure if they'll have enough food in the months ahead.

When you think about your family, will you also remember families like Simon's who are facing desperation?

Please help MAF to do whatever it takes to provide life-saving flights to help thousands of families in places like South Sudan.

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A family of 5 is flown to Juba from Motot, South Sudan.

What MAF is doing

There are very few roads in South Sudan. Where they exist, seasonal heavy rains destroy them. Where overland travel is possible, the threat of insecurity grows.

That's why dozens of aid and relief groups and churches rely upon MAF flights to:

  • deliver food and emergency aid.
  • support peace and reconciliation efforts through church, authorities and missionaries.
  • enable healthcare and education to continue in remote communities.
  • rescue missionaries and aid workers when their lives are in danger.

CMD-Christian Mission for Development in Mabior, South Sudan.In 2014, MAF flew 81,265 unique passengers, travelling nearly 2,500,405 miles and delivering 2,456,569 kg of cargo to help our partners meet the overwhelming needs of remote communities worldwide.

And we are increasing our capacity so that even more can be done. We've been serving isolated people since 1945, and will continue to do whatever it takes as long as we're needed.

Will you do whatever it takes to help us to fly help, hope and healing to desperate families, families like Simon's?

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