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Get two Ts for less for you and your friend or loved one this summer. Have you been missing someone in particular in these challenging times? We’ve created ‘Ts for two’ for that special person, so you can remind them that you’re thinking of them and you’re always there.

Choose from the pairs of Ts below

  • Pray for Sudan

    The Mountain (x2) - £35

    In today’s connected world, the irony is that never have so many people been so isolated. We are striving for a world beyond isolation.

  • Pray for Sudan

    The Heartbeat (x2) - £35

    Flying over jungles, mountains, swamps and deserts, MAF reaches isolated communities for whom flying is not a luxury – but a lifeline.

  • Pray for Sudan

    The Artist (x2) - £35

    Stefan Kunz is a MAF’s featured artist with one of his original typography designs ‘Encourage & build each other up’. Find out more about Stefan below.

  • Pray for Sudan

    The Cross (x2) - £35

    Hope looks like access to medical care. Hope looks like hospitality and a home. Hope looks like a cross.

  • Pray for Sudan

    Bring Change

    A gift of just £5 or £10 a month could help cover the costs of a life-saving flight. Partner with us today and get one of our T-shirts for free!


Stefan Kunz - MAF Partnership


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