Transforming lives to the ends of the earth

We believe that everyone deserves hope, including the isolated.

So we fly over jungles, mountains, swamps and deserts to bring medical care, emergency relief, long-term development and the good news of Jesus.

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Isolation causes poverty.

Did you know that millions of people cannot access basic medical care, clean water, schools or receive the Good News of God's love, simply because it's too dangerous or time-consuming to reach them? 

Isolation caused by unrest, mountains, jungles, swamps and no roads leads to poverty. Because they prevent thousands of remote communities from getting the help and hope they need. Things like hospitals, schools and Bibles.

But there's a solution.

MAF plane and children in Uganda. Photo by MAF pilot Dave Forney

We overcome these barriers to reach these forgotten people.

MAF is a Christian mission that uses aircraft and technology to transform lives. Because we fly for 1,500 aid, development and mission organisations to often rudimentary airstrips, we enable thousands of aid, relief and mission projects in really remote places. Check out our stories to find out more.

In fact, the need for MAF flights is so great that every 4 minutes, one of our aircraft is taking off or landing across 26 developing countries.

It's an exciting global movement that has been bringing transformation to remote communities around the world for 70 years, all made possible thanks to the support and prayers of people like you.

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