Are you ready to take on the 7&5 Challenge?


Here is what you need to do:

Step 1

Come up with a fun and creative way of fundraising for us using the number 75, i.e. I am doing 7500 steps for MAF. 

Step 2

Set up a JustGiving page. Click the link further down the page.

Step 3

Share your fundraiser. Reach out to friends and family, encouraging them to sponsor you. They may even be inspired to take on a challenge of their own.

Get creative with the numbers 7 & 5

jo lamb in swim suit and towel for 7&5

For writer and Folkestone mum-of-two, Jo Lamb, it was 75 swims:

‘Doing MAF’s 7&5 Challenge during lockdown was a lifesaver. I decided to swim in the sea 75 times during November and December, taking my final dip on New Year’s Eve. It was a celebratory end to MAF’s 75th anniversary in what was, a very challenging 2020. 'I’m chuffed to have raised over £1,500 for an amazing cause. Because I love sea swimming so much, I’ve carried on into 2021! If I can do it, anyone can. You will get a real boost from knowing that you’re making a difference to isolated communities around the world.’

Let Jo inspire you and read more here


Join Jo and get creative. What will you come up with?

 Sponsored walk - 7,500 steps

Bake and sell 75 hot cross buns

Give up chocolate for 75 days

Sponsored jog around the park 75 times in 75 days

Sponsored car wash - 75 cars

Be as creative as you like…


Got any questions or need some help with any of the above steps?


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