World Book Day

World Book Day

World Book Day is all about helping young people to talk passionately and confidently about the books they love. We asked some of our younger MAFers to share some recommendations for books you can lose yourself in.

The Swanson family serving in Uganda, share their recommended reading list to celebrate World Book Day! 

Photos by Andy Swanson and Dave Forney 

‘Going Solo’ by Roald Dahl

Recommended by Matthew, age 10

Matthew has been reading Roald Dahl’s book “Going Solo”, which tells of his young adult years in East Africa and flying for the RAF in WWII.

Being Roald Dahl, he says it's a funny and interesting read - really inspiring for a boy, who lives in East Africa and wants to be a pilot!

In his half-term holidays, Matthew joined a flight to northern Uganda, where he was caught on camera reading the book from the co-pilots seat! It was all part of Rainbow Junior School's 'Extreme Reading' competition where students had to take a picture of themselves reading in an extreme place. Appropriately enough, he was reading the chapter titled 'Flying Training'!

‘Rock Harbor Search & Rescue’ by Colleen Coble and Robin Caroll 

Recommended by Abi, age 12

Abi had knee surgery two weeks ago and has been taking it easy with her feet up and a good book in her hand. Get well soon Abi!

Abi's book of choice is 'Rock Harbor Search & Rescue', a story about a girl Abi’s age, who loves dogs and wants nothing more than to join the local search and rescue team.

The plot thickens when the girl is accused of a crime she didn’t commit and she sets out to restore her reputation and take her place on the search and rescue team. Abi says it's 'a great who-dunnit with some good Christian morals thrown in!'

‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’

Recommended by Eilidh age 6

'Who's been sleeping in my bed?' It looks like Abi is happy to share her bed with a few of her furry friends!  

Like children up and down the UK, Eilidh will dress up as her favourite character for World book day. She's chosen the character of Goldilocks!

To complete the look she’s planning to take her three favourite teddy bears to school! Here she can be seen reading the book before bedtime -  to get some tips and inspiration for her costume maybe?

The fairy tale, first penned in 1837 has been changed and adapted many times over the years. Editions including the classic 'Read it Yourself' telling are still firm favourites with young readers.  

Essentials of Advanced Composite Fabrication & Repair by Louis C. Dorworth, Ginger L. Gardiner and Greg M. Mellema

Recommended by Andy age 18+

Big Kid Andy decided to dress up as an MAF engineer for the day and go to work as usual. His recommendation is this non-fiction page turner, which is helping with his ongoing professional development as one of our brilliant engineers. 

‘I am still fully occupied with BIL’s refurb,' says Andy. BIL is a Cessna Caravan built in 1990 and has been an ongoing project from the Uganda Hangar team. 

'Getting towards the end of the painting, and just about to start composite repairs this week before painting and refitting the cargo pod... time to brush up in my composite theory!’ 

Here’s a picture of BIL before repairs began.  

This is what BIL looked like a few weeks ago. Andy has a bit of reading to do! 

Happy Reading!

Books encourage curiosity, nurture interests, provide inspiration, relaxation and are a gateway into a world of adventure. Favourite books accompany many of our MAF families on their overseas travels and stay with them throughout their lives!    

Why not celebrate and share your favourite books with someone this World Book Day?