Why fundraise?

Why fundraise?

We love reading the reasons why people choose to set up a fundraising page for MAF, and thought you might like to see them too!

We feel so privileged that so many of our fantastic supporters decide to fundraise for MAF. We truly think that they are amazing and, after reading below, we're sure that you'll agree with us.

'We're a group of girls who will be walking 10-15 miles for Mission Aviation Fellowship. We want to help raise money for Papua New Guinea so we can make a difference! Our donations will specifically go to the delivery of educational materials.' Ellie

'MAF is a charity very close to my heart. They provide hope to millions, and save countless lives. MAF was one of several factors that inspired me to learn to fly, and one day I would like to fly with them. Until that time comes, I'll strive to do my bit to spread news of the good work they do, and to fundraise for them.' 


'I am going to be walking 42km to raise as much money as possible for Mission Aviation Fellowship. It's a charity which has been in my family for years as both of my parents work for them. People who know me know that I can sometimes be a little lazy, but I'm feeling like a challenge, and so I'm walking roughly 26 miles.' 


It's not just individuals who take up the fundraising challenge, but groups and societies too!

'The Surrey Uni Christian Union is embarking on their first ever charity event. This Lent season we were looking for a way to not only give up something but give out something too, and finding a charity like MAF that has a worldwide focus on sharing the Gospel and aiding people in need is amazing, and one we would like to support and give to. Members of the Christian Union at Surrey Uni will be giving up their meals for 40 hours with the hope of raising awareness of the fact that a lot of people in under-developed countries go this long between meals regularly. The money raised will be used to give needed necessities, such as food, to under-developed countries.Thanks MAF for all you do - hope this helps!' Surrey University CU

 If you feel inspired to do some fundraising for MAF why not get in contact with us as we'd love to hear from you.