Violence against women in PNG

Violence against women in PNG

"Rose was confronted by two men from the neighbouring tribe who proceeded violently."

An overriding problem

The segregating isolation that exists in Papua New Guinea is a massive problem. Because of the land’s terrain, groups of people are separated from others. It’d be quite easy to think that you’re the only people living there!

There are over 800 hundred languages spoken in PNG, with each language linked to a small tribe. What’s more is that one tribe may only be within a few miles of another. Differences between languages and tribes mean differences of traditions. How do you know when you’ve broken a rule? Conflict inevitably arises.

A saddening anomaly

However, despite all the differences that exist within PNG, the unfortunate reality is that violence against women is a wide-spread problem across the country as a whole and for a whole host of reasons.

What happened…

MAF often medically evacuate women who’ve been attacked and have sustained awful injuries. Rose was such a victim. She was attacked last year in her vegetable garden near the village of Mount Tawa.

Rose was confronted by two men from the neighbouring tribe who proceeded violently. She managed to drag herself back to the village by nightfall. She’d been beaten and abused and it was all looking very bleak for Rose considering there are no doctors in Mount Tawa.

What MAF did…

We had to do something. Thankfully our friends at CRMF (Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship) were able to get the word out about Rose’s plight. After a long string of communication, the MAF base in Goroka was contacted!

Soon after, MAF pilots Martin and Andrew jumped in the plane and were able to pick up Rose and her concerned husband, Rodney, from Mount Tawa. Within 24 hours of the incident, Rose was at Mt Hagen hospital beginning her road to recovery.

Our ongoing vision

It’s a deep conviction for MAF, as a Christian charity, to defend and help those who are in vulnerable situations. After all, it says in Psalm 82:3 

“Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.” Psalm 82:3

We know that the only way this sort of violence can be stopped is through God using MAF to hold the Gospel up as a mirror for those who don’t know it. Then they might realise their wrong-doing and turn to Jesus who can save them! Perhaps that’s something you can pray for!