Up for the challenge

Up for the challenge

After a somewhat merry Christmas, the decision was made that a healthier New Year was needed and we just happened to find the perfect challenge

Here at MAF, we decided to get 2015 off to a healthy start by taking part in the 3-month Jantastic Challenge.  Ray Dang, one of our Jantastic team, told us why he just had to join Team MAF.

Why did you decide to take part?

'I only decided to take part about 2 days before New Year, on seeing the Facebook posting from MAF about Jantastic for the second time! I have an in-built desire to do things to raise money for causes I support, and MAF is one of them. But less than 2 years ago, I did another challenge for a cancer charity and felt it would be hard to ask the same friends and family to support me again. But my heart got the better of me.'

Why do you support MAF?

'MAF has a strong Christian ethos, unashamedly so. They do a job few other charities do, and over the past 50 years, they have been blessed with great success and incredible expansion.  I have read the book by Stuart King, Hope Has Wings, and feel really inspired by them. It's my privilege to support them.'

Together with MAF, what difference do you think you can make to the people MAF serve?

'Many people who are otherwise unreached can have their lives improved and enriched. Many people can get to hospital in a fraction of the time, churches are supported and supplies are delivered. It's hard to imagine what lives would be like for these people without MAF.'

Anything else you would like to add?

'I hope that taking part in Jantastic will be my first step to a much healthier life. I already do exercise in the gym, but have never been a runner. I hope that this challenge will inspire me to do much, much more, get on to the roads, and join the local rowing club, get on the bike, and pray for freedom from injury!'

Ray has currently raised over £800 which is amazing, and if you would like to support him please visit his fundraising page.

Thanks Ray, we think you and your fellow Jantastic teammates are just great!