The little-luxury lifeline

The little-luxury lifeline

MAF Uganda is making room to fly in little luxuries for missionaries serving in remote regions, including neighbouring South Sudan

Supplying life's little luxuries doesn’t just make it easier for missionaries to continue in their work however, it also lets them know that they are loved, valued and not alone in the ministry God has called them to.

With that thought in mind, the MAF team in Uganda are offering missionaries five free kilogrammes of grocery freight on flights.

The service has rapidly become extremely popular and includes serving missionaries based in neighbouring South Sudan, where many food items that are taken for granted in other countries are hard to find. Pilot Rembrand Rodenburg provides more details:

'So the whole idea of this is that those missionaries are in places where they can have locally grown produce, but lack anything else.

'A few weeks ago, for example, missionaries in Torit and Lohutok were saying they had only green leaves and onions as vegetables at the markets.

'So we offer them the opportunity to order a few food items which we transport to them for no charge.'

Along with his wife Margreet and another MAF family, upcoming flight schedules are communicated to mission workers, who can then place an order. The MAF team then purchase the items, which the missionaries pay for upon delivery.

The transport of these perishable goods, which would otherwise be impossible to such remote locations, is provided without cost.

Regular requests include fresh yoghurt (to use as a base to make more), fruit, oats, vegetables and little luxuries like cheese.

'Mostly we’re asked to bring fresh products,' Rembrand continues.'We keep these in our fridges and bring them in cooling bags with ice packs before passing them to the pilot,' he adds.

What the missionaries are saying

Feedback to the initiative has to date been incredibly positive and comments include:

Well, change of plans for dinner, a wonderful avocado, fresh bread, mango yoghurt...


‘Couldn’t sleep, so ate a slice of pumpkin bread, from the pumpkin sent last MAF trip.’


‘The big bag with the yoghurt came freshly here to Lohutok. What a joy!’


‘We are still enjoying the good things you brought for us! Thank you very much for the extra apples’