'Thank you MAF!'

'Thank you MAF!'

We do love a good 'thank you' video here at MAF. This one is from Inspire International after we facilitated helicopter relief flights for their medical team in Nepal following the earthquakes.

It's great to see signs of help, hope and laughter in a village flattened by the earthquakes in Nepal.

The medical team from Inspire International, a Hawaiaan NGO we facilitated helicopter relief flights for, certainly created that in remote Nessing. This village hadn't received any help from the earthquake until the helicopter arrived with their medical team. We hope you are inspired by their thank you video to MAF.

Timothy Hiura, MD for Inspire International, went on to say,

'Thank you so much for your partnership in helping us reach Nessing village in the Rasuwa district by helicopter. They had not received any aid prior to our arrival.

'The people of Nessing were grateful for us being there since it was inaccessible by car or foot due to the earthquake. It normally takes 10 hours by Jeep and a 5-6 hour hike into Nessing from Kathmandu. But by helicopter, it took a mere 25 minutes.

'Due to our partnership with you they received 1900 lbs of rice, dahl and tarpaulins. It was so sad to see that 95% of the houses in this village were destroyed. We saw 200+ medical and dental patients with approximately 8 life threatening interventions. We partnered with a local church plant in this village and His name was truly glorified in it all.'