Stanley’s story

Stanley’s story

There have been many stories of tragedy from Sulawesi, Indonesia. MAF's Rick Emenaker reminds us there are also stories of hope.

On the 12th October, Yayasan MAF Indonesia (MAF) was busy flying three tons of rice, two medical teams and medical supplies to the village of Lindu.

MAF Papua staff member, Stanley Lepar, volunteered for the flight on his last day in Palu, before his flight left for Sentani. He had spent the past 10 days helping with relief efforts.

Continually in his thoughts was his wife’s family who were from the Lindu area. His mother-in-law and extended family members had not been heard from since the quake.

‘This is the best day – I got to go directly to them. I am so blessed and thankful to God for this amazing opportunity!’ Stanley Lepar

‘When the flight was requested by the Samaritan’s Purse Indonesian team, they were not sure exactly which village to go to,’ MAF’s Rick Emenaker explains. ‘We looked at maps and found this village Lindu-Kanaan and decided that would be the best place to stage the rice.’

At that point, no one had any idea that the village was any more than a central point for the distribution of aid. It wasn’t until Stanley stepped out of the helicopter in Lindu, to help unload the rice bags, that the villagers queried his name and family history.

It quickly became apparent that Stanley had been brought directly to the village where his mother-in-law, her sister and brother, as well as the grandmother of his wife, Berta all lived! After a terrible ordeal, Stanley was delighted to find them safe and well.

Stanley’s family exclaimed that it was a miracle that he had found his way to them and the following two hours the family had an incredible time catching up.

In Stanley’s own words, ‘this is the best day – I was not even hoping to hear from them or see them and somehow, I got to go directly to them.  I am so blessed and thankful to God for this amazing opportunity!’

Stanley arrived back in Palu, beaming from ear to ear! Hearing his story brought tears and great joy to the team in Palu.

‘We are glad to be here reaching out to those who need help.

Thank you for your prayers and support it is making a difference here in Sulawesi.’ Rick Emenaker